Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Do My Best Thinking While Walking

I don't really believe that the mind and the body are two separate entities, so it makes sense to me that my mind is most active when my body is moving. Sometimes I have huge epiphanies when I'm out for a walk. I can work out issues and plan my day, my week, or even my distant imagined future. Physical activity gives me energy, clarity, and confidence.

When I decide to write, or play music, or create art, unfortunately, this great energy wanes and I'm left listless and unmotivated in comparison. It's a strange coming-down that coffee and jumping jacks can only go so far to fix. I try to keep the mind active, but it seems the moment I stop moving, I start to power down quickly and my grand ideas fly out the window before I can catch them.

When I was doing yoga several times a week, I was practicing control over and respect for my body and mind. When I was out of yoga class and in stressful situations, I was happy to learn that yoga, and the concurrent state of mind and body that I attained from the excercises, was always accessible to me. I find myself going back to these lessons and techniques often.

I resolve to harness the energy I gain from my physical pursuits and learn to return to that physical and mental state whenever I need a boost. It's within my reach and I know I can do it.

Now, to work....

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